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When economic times are hard it is always a temptation to reduce the quality and cut corners to try and minimise the cost of an operation. 
This, however, can increase the risk of failure and also ultimately result in increasing the cost of an operation. Good engineering is about "engineering the cost out" of a product. If done correctly, a reduction in cost can be achieved without having an adverse effect on quality. If done well, the quality and performance can increase with a reduction in cost. 
Hanson Foster has reduced the cost and increased the performance of the subsea basket. This was achieved in five ways: 
Re-engineering the fabrication to make it easier to manufacture. 
Using value engineering to reduce the number of parts by approximately one third. 
Designing the basic with modern manufacturing methods (i.e. rolling, punching and laser cutting). 
Simplification of the design. 
The use of high end structural design and finite element analysis to minimize the amount of material used. 
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